Monday Through Friday

12:00am – 6:00am Music

7:00am – Paul Harvey “The Rest of the Story”

– “The History Guy”

7:30am – “Victory Parade”

8:00am-  Paul Harvey “The Rest of the Story”

– “Grand Ole Opry”

8:30am – “Just Entertainment”

9am – “American Mind”

10am – “The Abbeville Institute”

11am – “Through the Bible by J Vernon Mcgee”

12pm – Paul Harvey “The Rest of the Story”

– The Catoosa Clubhouse (Monday Only)

– What About the Law? (Tuesday Through Friday)

1:00pm “Mother’s Best Flour” (Tuesday Through Friday)

2:00pm and 3:00pm  The Eric Metaxas Show

4:00pm “Handout Theology”

5:00pm – “Uncommon Moments by Tony Dungy”

” Richard Ball’s Celtic and Blue Grass Show”

6:00-8:00 pm – Folk Music (Wednesday)

7:00pm – “American Mind”

8:00pm – “Calvacade of America”

9:00pm – “Gunsmoke”

9:30pm – “If Freedom Failed”

10:00pm – “Norman Corwin”

11:00pm – “Defending Your Faith by R.C. Sproul”

11:30pm “The Abbeville Institute”

Sunday Schedule

12:00am – 8am Gospel Music

9:00am – “Ryan Reeves – American Mind”

–  “Wretched Radio”

– “RC Sproul – Defending Your Faith”

10:00am “C.S. Lewis – Mere Christianity”

11:00am “Denton Bible Church”

12:00pm “Immanuel Church”

1:00pm  “What America Means to Me”

2:00pm “Southern Gospel Music Show by David Rabby”

3:00pm “Turn Back the Clock”

4:00pm “Adventures in Research”

5:00pm “First Presbyterian Church”

6:00pm Gospel Music

7:00pm – “Ryan Reeves – American Mind”

– “Bill Ring Show”

8:00pm “Our Nations Heritage”

9:00pm “Gunsmoke”

10:00pm “American Town Hall”

11:00pm Music